The Race


At PEAKBREAK – The Alps Race results will be evaluated in different categories. All details about the categories can be found here.


Race procedure

Each stage will be started from scratch. The start of the race will be done by race control. For security reasons it is. For each stage a maximum racing time (cut off) will be defined.

All participants are obliged to wear certified helmets throughout the whole route (all stages from start to finish).


Escort vehicles

The race will be accompanied by assisting vehicles, one in the front, one follwoing the race and several more in between. Private vehicles must not accompany the race at any point during the race.


Time keeping

Time keeping is done by chip transponders. The stage results of each day as well as the overall standing will be evaluated. Within stages up to three intermediate points of time taking can be set that primarily serve as checkpoints.
Daily stage results will be published on location after the stage has finished.


Aid stations

For each stage at least three aid stations will be provided. The aid stations will be marked, however participants have to stop in order to get the provided drinks and snacks.