The PEAKBREAK Service Paket

– Transponder time keeping

– Finishershirt

– Aid Stations

– Pasta Party, beverages after finish line

– Marking of the route

– Escort vehicles and broom wagon

– GPS data, course profile

  • Transponder (the rent for the transponder is included)
  • Miniroadbooks
  • Bib number
  • Race Info

Im Starterpackage erhältst Du folgendes Material: Roadbooks zur gesamten Strecke, Startnummern, Renninformationen, Zeitnehmungschip. Die Miete für den Zeitnehmungschip ist im Nenngeld inkludiert, es wird jedoch eine Kaution einbehalten.

Marking of the course

There will be PEAKBREAK directions marks during all stages in the form of ground markings, signs as well as marshalls partly leading the way. Parts of the course will be closed for individual traffic.

Escort vehicles and broom wagon
  • Escort vehicles
  • Technical service
  • Spare parts service
  • Emergency management
  • Broom wagon

Also this year there will be accompanying vehicles available for your support during the whole race. Further we offer technical service, spare part service and emergency management.
All accompanying vehicles will permanently be in contact with the race director. At the end of the starter field a broom wagon will mark the pace for the maximum racing time. It will also be available for service requests.

Aid Stations

Aid stations during the stages will provide with the appropiate catering. The number of aid stations depends on the length of each stage. Usually we try to set an aid station every 60 kilometres. The final positioning of the aid stations is depending on local conditions and topography of each stage.

Each aid station will offer the following

  • Fresh bottle replacement with isotonic drinks
  • Fruits
  • Salty snacks
  • Cake
  • Wasser

Special service: At every aid station we provide freshly filled drinking bottles which you can exchange with your empty bottles.
Our aid station teams are also available for any other support you might need.

Pasta Party, beverages after finish line

At the end of each stage there will be a final aid station providing beverages. This way you can give your body what it needs after a tough race day. Furthermore, there will be a pasta party in every destination providing you with a free portion of carbon hydrates to bring your energy level back up for the next challenge.

Info points at the finish area

At each finish line we will have an info point waiting for you where you get all relevant information around PEAKBREAK – The Alps race. We will support you with the upcoming schedules, information around your accommodation, the next stages or any other service you need. No matter what question you have, we are happy to help.


This trophy must be earned day by day – meaning stage by stage. Once you have crossed the finish line of the final stage a Finisher shirt with a prominent design is waiting for you. A special memory, amongst many others you will create during PEAKBREAK – The Alps Race.

Photo service

The whole race week will be captured by top photographers. A selection of best pictures of 10 years PEAKBREAK – The Alps Race you find in our gallery. After the event you can also order pictures of your PEAKBREAK performance as well as the most beautiful images of the race for a discounted price.

Medical aid

Almost every member of the team is classified and educated as a First Aid member. During the race the general emergency chain applies and emergency staff along the course is in increased state of alarm.


During the countdown to the race we would love to keep you posted on updates and news. Our free newsletter provides you with everything you need to know about the race.


At PEAKBREAK – The Alps Race single participants as well as teams of 2 will be evaluated in different categories. Additionally every stage will be evaluated individually. Results of each stage are going to be announced at the end of each race day.
All categories in detail

Transponder time keeping

Time keeping will be done by transponder system. The rental fee for the transponders is included in your registration fee. For every stage, time keeping starts from scratch and is not based on results of previous stages. Single evaluations are started in time intervals.

GPS and downloads of route profile

A couple of weeks before the event you can download the route profile including GPS data from our website. Please note: Short time changes may occur at any time. On our website we will keep you posted when the profile is ready for download. However, we strongly advice you to join our daily race briefings scheduled for every evening before the next stage.

Use of services in case of early exit

If you are unable finish a stage within the maxium time limit, don’t worry: You still remain an active participant of PEAKBREAK – The Alps Race and are entilted to continue to use all our services. However, in the overall result you will show up as DNF.

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